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Business Services Group: Bundled Mission-Critical Services, Single Point-of-Contact Coordination, Efficient Project Management 

  • Bundled Mission-Critical Services

  • Single Point-of-Contact Coordination

  • Efficient Project Management 

Becker has redefined the client-attorney relationship through its Business Services Group. The Group takes a project management approach to providing bundled legal services to small and medium-sized businesses that know they need legal support, but lack the revenue and volume of legal issues to justify hiring their own in-house general counsel.

Issues do arise, however; and when they do, traditionally, legal work is done on a reactionary basis, usually in crisis mode.  Becker’s approach anticipates problems before they occur and takes the appropriate steps to avoid them or minimize their impact.  This proactive model delivers a more efficient service product to the small and medium-sized businesses that need them most.  As their trusted business advisors, we provide a unique bundle of business services that address many of our clients’ day-to-day issues, as well as their long-term plans and future goals.

The services, individually or combined, help our clients easily and cost-effectively obtain legal advice.  Becker serves as an outsourced general legal counsel, operating as a member of the client’s management team by rendering strategic advice, handling day-to-day legal needs, and managing extraordinary legal affairs that justify the use of outside legal experts.

As our clients’ trusted business advisors, we facilitate client gains through: improved performance; advanced thought; and enhanced relationships.

Facilitating Client Gains:  How We Do It

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Business Entity Formation and Governance

We advise both public and private entities, their principals, officers and directors regarding different forms of organization available to limit personal liability.  We counsel our clients regarding: fiduciary responsibility of directors and officers; disclosure issues; financial reporting; management succession and compensation; board composition and structure; conflict of interest and change of control matters; and stockholder rights plans.

Corporate Finance and Securities

Successfully accessing capital is a key factor in determining a company’s ability to implement short and long-term growth plans.

Our corporate finance and securities attorneys have experience that includes:

  • Assisting public and private clients in mergers, acquisitions, asset purchase, restructuring, and other transactions

  • Guiding business clients during start-up, laying the ground work for attracting capital, including preparing issuers through IPOs and follow-on offerings

  • Working hand-in-hand with our clients to develop appropriate disclosure documents and respond to SEC comments to ensure efficient and effective counsel

  • Counseling our public clients, post IPO, on reporting requirements, insider trading, corporate governance, internal investigations, and enforcement matters

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Commercial Transactions

We take a global approach to commercial transactions to assist our clients in furthering their business objectives.  We provide counseling prior to contract negotiation, as well as assistance in the negotiation of contract terms.  Our attorneys aid in the drafting of domestic and international marketing and distribution agreements, joint development agreements, and OEM and reseller agreements. We also assist with due diligence investigation, offering support in mergers, acquisitions, and asset sales and purchases.

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Employment, Labor and Staffing

We represent management and executives in all aspects of employment law, employment litigation, human resources policy management, and labor law and labor relations.

Our attorneys have significant experience across a wide range of issues, including:

  • Employment agreements and restrictive covenants

  • Wage and hour compliance, overtime, worker classifications, government audits and related litigation

  • Workplace discrimination claims under state and federal law

  • Wrongful termination disputes and litigation

  • Personnel policy development and training

  • NLRB unfair labor practice and representation cases

  • Union negotiations, grievances and arbitration

  • Severance agreements and claims mediation

  • Successorship, joint employer and co-employer issues

  • Work visas, H1-Bs, I-9 compliance, and E-verify

  • Federal and state court, and agency litigation of employment claims

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Intellectual Property

We provide comprehensive intellectual property management and strategic planning services, including:

  • Licensing

  • Trademark prosecuting and branding

  • Domain name procurement

  • Copyright registration for written, visual, graphic, sound recording, software, and HTML materials

  • Invention disclosures

  • Intellectual property audits

  • Non-competition and consulting

  • E-commerce and issues confronting online businesses

  • Legal disclaimer drafting for web sites

  • End user licenses

  • Agreement drafting; joint development; commercialization; collaborative research; domestic

  • and international marketing and distribution; OEM; and Resellers

Real Estate

We advise clients in all aspects of real estate, from conception through closing and beyond.  Our industry experience includes retail, commercial, residential, hospitality, and mixed use.  Our attorneys’ real estate proficiencies include: real estate acquisitions and sales; real estate finance; commercial leasing; construction matters; redevelopment law; environmental; due diligence reviews; real estate investment vehicles and joint ventures; and real estate litigation.
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Mergers and Acquisitions

The utilization of mergers and acquisitions by successful companies as valuable components of long-term growth and innovation strategies is a growing trend.  Timing is almost always critical: opportunities can emerge and evaporate virtually overnight.  Our attorneys provide counsel critical for our clients to capitalize and close on these major opportunities.

Our attorneys advise buyers, sellers, investors, shareholder groups, boards of directors and other interested parties in all aspects of complex business combinations and other forms of acquisition.  We focus on the big picture by understanding and balancing our client’s culture, needs and vision.  With this focus, we collaborate with our clients to create value during each phase of the transaction.

Many times, our most important contribution occurs at the outset of the transaction when we assist our clients in their analysis, structure and planning of the transaction.  This initial planning serves to inform the subsequent negotiations, diligence, document preparation, and closing.

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Becker represents clients in all aspects of federal and state taxation, including providing advice to help minimize taxes in connection with domestic and international corporate transactions and investments, business formations and choice of entity decisions, executive compensation, business succession, and sales taxes.  The Firm is experienced in handling federal and state tax controversy matters and ruling requests, including IRS and state tax audits, court proceedings and refund claims.

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The Firm’s Transportation Group has extensive experience working closely with owners and management of trucking, motor coach, and logistics companies handling the many complex issues that these businesses encounter on a daily basis. This helps clients focus on growing their businesses, reducing their potential risk exposure, and planning for the future. 

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