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Christopher M. Leddy

Christopher M. Leddy, Esq.


Christopher M. Leddy is a Partner in the firm.  As a former in-house counsel for a Staffing company, Chris has significant experience structuring and drafting client and business-critical contracts drafting, creating and maintaining compensation strategies, plans and policies, providing counsel on a wide-range of human resource issues unique to the Staffing Industry, and implementing on and off boarding practices and policies. ​ Chris is a frequent contributor to legal and business publications and lectures across the country on emerging issues impacting the Staffing Industry.

Panels and Presentations:


  • New Background Check Requirement  - March 20, 2024 Deadline:  February 5, 2024   Read More


  • Employee Protections for Cannabis Use: What Employers Need to Know!  December 19, 2023  Read More

  • Do Non-Competes Work Anymore? Strategies for Responding to States Limiting Enforceability:  April 21, 2022  View Recording

  • CSP Vital Talks - Common Mistakes to Avoid with your Legal and Accounting for Staffing Companies: November 12, 2021  Presented by: Martin L. Borosko, ESQ. & Christopher Leddy, ESQ., Becker LLC and  B.J. Hoffman & Michael Zyborowicz, Citrin Cooperman  View Recording

  • MSA Webinar Series - Common Mistakes to Avoid with your Legal and Accounting for Staffing Companies:  October 20,2021  Becker LLC & Citrin Cooperman   View Recording

  • Correct classification of YOUR employees? Per diem classification for traveling nurse, healthcare, and IT staffing firms:  September 28, 2021  View Recording

  • Who Is Your Employee? Independent Contractor Classification for IT Staffing Firms:  July 30, 2021 TechServe Alliance Webinar Series  View Recording

  • Law and Insurance Requirements Affecting the Healthcare Staffing Industry:  June 2, 2021  View Recording

  • 2021 updates in background screening, drug testing, & COVID-19 vaccination requirements:  Feb.12, 2021 View Recording

  • MSA Legal and Compliance Webinar Series:  Privacy and Leave Laws for Massachusetts:  December 22, 2020   View Recording

  • The Home Stretch - Making sure that you maximize the forgiveness on your PPP loan:  October 6, 2020  View Recording

  • Returning to the Workplace under the "New Normal": How to Protect your Company, Employees and Customers Post COVID 19:  June 24, 2020   View Recording

  • Becker LLC's Staffing Team Presents for MSA: “Multi-State Employer Considerations”:  July 10, 2019   View Recording

  • Employee Handbooks & Poster Requirements Presented to MSA Membership:  March 20, 2019   View Recording

Publications ​

  • Summary and Key Takeaways from Arredondo v. Elwood Staffing Services, Inc. Appeals Decision:  October 6, 2023   Read More

  • SUPREME COURT HALTS SHOT-OR-TEST MANDATE:  January 15, 2022  Read More

  • OSHA COVID-19 VACCINE MANDATE:   December 3, 2021  Read More

  • California Vaccination Order for Health Care Workers:  August 11, 2021  Read More

  • BLOG: Legal and Financial Risks for IT Staffing Firms to Misclassify Their Employees:  July 27, 2021            Read More


  • OSHA’s Abrupt Change To Recording Adverse Reactions To Covid-19 Vaccines:  May 21, 2021  Read More

  • How to Appeal PPP Non-Forgiveness for Staffing Firms:  May 19, 2021  Read More


  • California’s COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave:  March 29, 2021  Read More

  • Conducting COVID-19 Testing For Staffing Firms Under CDC Guidelines:  February 24, 2021  Read More

  • Are Per Diem Incentive Payments Considered Wages For Healthcare Staffing Companies?:  February 17, 2021  Read More

  • House Passes Amendments To Payroll Protection Program:  June 3, 2020  Read More

  • IRS Issues New Guidance Regarding Deductibility Of Expenses Which Are Forgiven Under The Payroll Protection Program:  May 4, 2020  Read More

  • Small Business Exemption From Paid Leave Under The Families First Coronavirus Act :  April 3, 2020  Read More

  • Emergency Families First Coronavirus Response Act:  March 20, 2020  Read More

  • California Passes AB5, Negatively Affecting how Staffing Firms do Business:  September 11, 2019   Read More

  • New Jersey restrictions on Confidentiality Disclosure Provisions:  March 4, 2019   Read More

  • New York Releases Draft Sexual Harassment Policy:  April 12, 2018   Read More

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