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Our Firm

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a trusted advisor and deliver exceptional value to our clients.  We define value as not just providing sophisticated, high quality legal advice, but as delivering holistic business advice that assists our clients to improve their performance and meet their goals. We accomplish our mission by: (1) understanding our clients’ businesses and industries; (2) providing holistic advice and advanced thought that allows our clients to implement industry leading best practices; (3) enhancing our clients’ industry and client relationships and (4) sharing our clients’ values.  


        We understand our client’s businesses and industries:


  • Knowing the best legal and business practices in our clients’ industry and businesses.

  • Providing a holistic view of current and future developments in both our clients’ business and the greater business environment.

  • Actively participating in local, regional and national organizations that provide thought leadership and industry guidance.

  • Sharing leading practices from related industries.


       We take a holistic approach when counseling clients and encourage them to adopt advanced
       thought and industry leading best practices to address important legal and business issues:



  • Taking a practical, project management approach and thinking as business people.

  • Educating our clients on new developments in the law that impact their businesses.

  • Providing accurate, data-driven cost estimates and budgets, proactively alerting our clients to events impacting cost.

  • Developing strategies for our clients based upon impact on their business, not simply driven by case outcome.

  • Assisting our clients to gauge the value and impact of matters, inclusive of policy decisions that may have long-term tangible and intangible effects on their clients’ businesses.

  • Adopting corporate structures that optimize business economics while improving corporate governance and regulatory compliance.

  • Improving strategic and operational processes.

  • Increasing values from contracts and other commercial agreements.

  • Maximizing value from strategic investments and intellectual property.


        We enhance our clients’ industry and client relationships:


  • Introducing our clients to our network of professionals to ensure that our clients get the best advice in all areas.

  • Building and strengthening our clients’ relationships with their customers, partners, vendors and suppliers for greater market positioning.

  • Dealing effectively and efficiently with adversaries.

  • Assisting clients with integrity and transparency regarding financial reporting.


        We share our clients’ values:


  • Implementing and adhering to safe and secure electronic communication and data storage practices.

  • Hiring passionate, ethical and knowledgeable lawyers that adhere to our Firm’s culture of the client first.

  • Adhering to strict ethical policies in all that we do.

  • Helping to improve the communities in which we work and live.

  • Supporting various charitable organizations through the dedication of time and financial support.

  • Adopting and implementing policies and practices aimed at limiting our environmental footprint.

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