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 Industry Dedication

The demand for a skilled workforce continues to rise, and in order to allocate resources effectively and efficiently, businesses rely more heavily on the staffing industry than ever before.  This rising demand, combined with the greater sophistication of clients, rapidly improving technology and emerging service models promises tremendous change and consolidation in the industry.   At the same time, the staffing industry and the regulations impacting it are complex and constantly evolving. These colliding forces promise to create great opportunity for prepared staffing companies and significant risk for the unprepared.

At Becker, we are dedicated to following the regulatory and business developments impacting our clients.  We keep abreast of these developments through the "Becker Staffing Institute," attendance at all of the major industry conferences and our leadership role in various staffing associations.  Click here to read more... This dedication to understanding your industry helps us guide you on the best legal practices that will help you grow and insulate your company from liability.

We deliver our services through a project management based model – we call “BEST”.  Through our BEST model, we provide clients with certainty as to the time table for delivery of our work and the cost.  The key to our BEST model is the pre-project discipline we built into it.  As part of our BEST model, our attorneys are trained to engage clients in an open and frank discussion about the scope of the work and expectation of the client as to the outcome of the project before the project begins.  That disciplines ensures that we are on the same page with the client and enables us to provide certainty about the costs and a time table for delivery of our work.  

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