Martin L. Borosko, Esq.
Martin L. Borosko, Esq.
Martin L. Borosko, Esq.
Managing Partner

Contact Information:

Direct Dial:  (973) 251-8921

Martin L. Borosko has been the Managing Member of the firm since 2006.  Under his leadership, the firm has grown into one of the premier boutique firms with offices in New York, California, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

Marty leads the Staffing team within the firm dedicated to studying the best legal practices within the Staffing and healthcare industries. His philosophy is to direct clients toward legal strategies that facilitate growth and increase enterprise value in the long term.  He often works as part of a team with leading investment bankers, accountants and risk managers to implement comprehensive growth strategies for clients.  Marty is a frequent contributor to legal and business publications and lectures across the country on emerging issues impacting the Staffing Industry. 

Panels & Presentations 

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