Correct classification of YOUR employees?

Per diem classification for traveling nurse, healthcare, and IT staffing firms

Correctly classifying workers as independent contractors is being scrutinized more today than at any time throughout our country’s history. While the prior administration looked to ease the burden of employers proving valid independent contractor relationships at the federal level, our current administration appears to be more in line with states that have followed the more stringent ABC Test (most prominently, California).

With the overwhelming high demand and minimal supply of these high-level professionals, the consultants carry much more leverage in deciding how they prefer to be classified (W-2 vs. independent contractor).


• The many different independent contractor classification tests employers face both at the federal and state levels

• Providing insight on how to navigate these tests

• Potential ramifications for violations

• Overview of recent changes to entertainment rules

• What qualifies and how to compute per diem pay

• Required record keeping necessary to substantiate the expense/deduction


Martin L. Borosko, managing partner, Becker LLC

Alison Dunleavy, senior manager, UHY LLP

Jerry Grady, partner & staffing Industry Practice Leader, UHY LLP

Christopher Leddy, partner, Becker LLC

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