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Becker LLC's Staffing Team Presents for MSA: “Multi-State Employer Considerations”

July 10, 2019: The Becker Staffing Group presented a webinar covering the topic, “Multi-State Employer Considerations.”

Panelists, Christopher Leddy, Esq. & Sarah Davis, Esq. presented legal trends and considerations for employers who have employees in multiple states, or are contemplating doing so for the Massachusetts Staffing Association.

Chris and Sarah discussed the following issues impacting the staffing industry:

  • Predictive scheduling and its extensive compliance requirements

  • Questions involving an applicant’s criminal history and when those questions maybe asked

  • The # MeToo movement and the resulting newly issued regulations which vary from state to state

  • Paid sick leave and the various jurisdictions which require employers to provide employees with the same

  • The effect of states permitting or not permitting the use of medical marijuana and whether it is considered a reasonable accommodation

Please use the following link to listen to their session:

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