@Work Seminar - Keepin' It Legal  -  March 12-14, 2019  Download PPT

NJSA Staffing Law Day VIII - Marijuana and Its Effects On The NJ Staffing Industry - 2/2019  - Download PPT

MASS - The Effects of Cannabis On Background Screening - 3/2018 - Download PPT

MSA 2018 Annual conference - Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Policies, Procedures and Protocols - 3/2018  Download PPT

Policy Consideration for Paid Time off - Becker LLC - 3/ 2018 - -Download PPT

TempNet - Marijuana and Its Effects On The Staffing Industry - Webinar 8/2018 - Download PPT

Tricom - Industry Insider Webinar:  Navigating the New Ban on Salary Disclosure  11/2017 -  Download PPT 

Talent Tech TransAtlantic Seminar - Legal Consideration when entering the US Market - 4/17 - Download PPT

MASS - Better On-boarding: Creating a Competitive Advantage - 3/2016 - Download PPT


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