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Counsel regarding optimal corporate structures, fiduciary responsibility of officers and directors, disclosure issues, financial reporting, management succession and compensation, board composition and structure, conflict of interest and change in control matters.

Counsel regarding relevant contractual obligations including drafting, reviewing and revising structure and content of  SSA, Direct Placement, MSA,  VMS, PEO and vendor agreements.

Counsel regarding improvement of the compensation packages they offer to top producers and other high impact employees.

Emerging Issues

Counsel regarding emerging legal trends and issues facing the industry.


Counsel regarding numerous forms of investments and financing, including, private placements, joint ventures and various forms of credit facilities.

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Goodwill Protection and Competition Issues

Counsel regarding restrictive covenants and adoption of strong confidentiality measures, implementation of effective policies and agreements and practicing consistent enforcement to ensure proprietary information remains a valuable asset Human Resources.

Counsel regarding On-boarding and Off-boarding, employee handbooks and policies, wage and hour claims and audits, immigration matters and social media in the workplace.

​Counsel regarding restrictive covenants, wage and hour claims and fee disputes.

We deliver both operational and strategic services to our Staffing Clients .

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