About Us

Our staffing practice is national and one of the largest in the country. Our clients span the spectrum of the industry in terms of size, ranging from large publicly traded companies to smaller highly specialized firms – and in terms of market sector – including staffing firms that focus on professional services (legal, accounting and finance), technology, healthcare, engineering, light industrial work and commercial.


We have nine attorneys that dedicate a material portion of their practice to the staffing industry. We counsel staffing firms on all of the major strategic and operational issues impacting their business. In this regard, we offer advice on structuring, mergers and acquisitions, HR, regulatory compliance, on-boarding, off-boarding, compensation strategies and plans, client contracts focusing on indemnification and other key risk provisions and litigation.


Our dedication to understanding the staffing industry delivers tangible benefits to our staffing industry clients.

Our Culture:


We are lawyers and passionate entrepreneurs always striving to add value for our clients.  

Value for our clients. We develop and maintain long-term relationships not only with our clients, but also for our clients.  We cultivate relationships to help our clients achieve and exceed their goals.  We are vested in our clients’ long term financial well-being and we are invigorated by our clients’ accomplishments.  

Value for ourselves.  We develop and maintain relationships externally and internally.  As individual lawyers, we partner in the uncompromising moral and ethical well-being of the Firm as a whole.  As lawyers, employers, employees and entrepreneurs, we strive to provide and maintain the outstanding services that our clients deserve.  We are contemporary and forward thinking.  We lead by example.

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