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Staffing Industry M&A Market Insiders

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Are You Ready to Propel Your Growth With M&A?  The key steps to getting started in M&A for Staffing Executives

Date: Tuesday, September 20th, 2022


  • Marty Borosko, Esq. Staffing Practice Leader and Managing Member, Becker LLC

  • Jeremy Falendysz, Partner and managing Director, UHY Corporate Finance

  • John Larson, Lead Consultant, TechServe Alliance M&A Marketplace Program

Staffing company owners and management are always striving for growth. Historically, most companies grow organically through their internal sales and growing their sales and recruiting teams. Mergers & Acquisitions is the natural next step to continue the growth cycle, the question is how to get started and what to look for when jumping into the market as a buyer.

Our panel of Staffing Industry M&A veterans will give their “playbook” on how they counsel their clients on the buy-side of the staffing industry. They will take a deep and detailed dive into how to get started, what to look for in prospective sellers and what the process looks like during the buy cycle.

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Staffing Industry M&A Market Insiders February 2022 Edition: 
Interview with John Larson from TechServe Alliance

On February 16, 2022, Martin Borosko, Chair of the Becker Staffing Industry practice group, spoke with John Larson, an industry veteran and Principal Consultant of the TechServe Alliance M&A Marketplace. 


These two staffing industry M&A market insiders discussed the key components of successful Management Meetings for Sellers and Buyers and best practices for avoiding the silent deal killer, “FUD” Fear Uncertainty and Doubt.

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STAFFING INDUSTRY M&A MARKETPLACE: A Look Back at 2021 and Looking Forward in 2022

Merger & Acquisition activity in the Staffing Industry flourished in 2021 with owners and management taking advantage of a fertile market to grow their business. With PPP Loans being forgiven, Staffing Industry executives saw this as an opportunity to reinvest in their company and grow their existing business as well as expand into new niches to further expand their footprint.

To review their discussion on this important topic, please use the following link:
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  • Martin Borosko, Esq., Becker LLC


  • Tom Kosnik, The Visus Group

  • Dan Sporka, CPA, UHY Advisors

  • Jerry Grady, CPA, UHY Advisors

TechServe Alliance Webinar:  State of the IT M&A Market: Perspectives from Buyers & Sellers in the Market

On June 10, 2021 Martin Borosko, Chair of the Becker Staffing Industry practice group, let the panel of:

John Niehaus, Managing Director, Duff & Phelps

Tom Nunn, Business Strategy & Executive Coach, Tom Nunn Consulting

Michael Babb, Managing Partner, Osceola Capital Management

Gil Lackritz, Consultant & Former CFO,R121


The panel of industry M&A veterans will discuss the state of the IT Tech Staffing M&A market – sharing their perspectives as buyers and former sellers in the Market. Topics will included:

· an assessment of the current market including activity levels and valuations

· entering the market from a buyer's and seller’s perspective

· finding a partner from a buyer's and seller’s perspective

· the keys to diligence from a buyer's and seller’s perspective

· structuring the deal from a buyer's and seller’s perspective

Our panelists will walk you through all the key decisions that buyers and sellers must make along the way to a successful merger or acquisition.

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The New TechServe Alliance M&A Marketplace: A Better Way to Value, Buy, & Sell IT & Engineering Staffing Firms

Date: Tuesday, May 11, 2021



  • Mark Roberts, CEO, TechServe Alliance

  • John Larson, Lead Consultant, M&A Marketplace Program

  • Martin L. Borosko, Esq., Managing Partner, Becker LLC

For larger firms, the options to exit are straight-forward and plentiful — sign-up with one of the many traditional investment bankers for a retainer of $10,000 a month and pay a success fee starting at $250,000. But what about buyers and sellers of firms where the traditional fee structure doesn’t make sense?


We will kick-off the presentation with a primer on how firms are typically valued and the legal aspects of a M&A transaction. We will then provide an overview of “Marketplace” process which significantly expands opportunities for both buyers and seller of IT & Engineering Staffing firms while dramatically lowering transaction costs. We will conclude with an update on the extraordinary response the program has received to date.


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A Better Way to M&A: Strategies for Sourcing, Courting & Winning Deals

Presented by: Martin L. Borosko, ESQ., Becker LLC, Brian Waller, Chief Strategy Officer, Vaco Talent & Solutions, Brad Chesin, Chief Executive Officer, Labor Source Holdings, Patrick Morin, Partner, Transact Capital Partners

To review their discussion on this important topic, please use the following link:

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Five Questions with Dave Phillips of Cit
Five Questions with Dave Phillips of Citizens M&A Advisory about the Staffing Industry M&A Market

Martin L. Borosko, ESQ., Staffing Practice Leader & Managing Member of Becker LLC, interviewed Dave Phillips, Managing Director of Citizens M&A Advisory, to discuss the current state of the Staffing Industry M&A marketplace.


To listen to the discussion between the two Industry Veterans Click here: View Recording

WEBINAR SLIDES - Defining the Current Tr
Defining the Current Trends in Middle Market Staffing M&A

Our panel of four industry veterans will define what they are seeing as Current Trends in Middle Market M&A in the Staffing Industry.  The topics covered during our session will include:

  • Discussing current valuation in each market segment 

  • Defining the current buyers and sellers in the market 

  • Describing the market for financing and acquisition strategy 

  • Evaluating changes in trends in economic and other key deal terms 

  • Analyzing how to handle acquisitions from firms that received PPP loans  

  • Explaining how buyers should shift the focus of their financial diligent

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2019 Trends in the Staffing Industry for M&A

By Martin L. Borosko, Esq., Staffing Practice Leader and Kent L. Schwarz, Esq., Staffing Practice, Taxation and M&A

2019 has been another robust year so far for mergers and acquisitions in the staffing industry. Our firm has been involved in a dozen deals to date. We compared our 2019 deals with deals we handled the prior two years and noticed a few important trends:​

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Merger and Acquisition Outlook for the Staffing Industry in 2019 and forward.jpg
Merger and Acquisition Outlook for the Staffing Industry in 2019
and forward

By: Martin L. Borosko, Staffing Practice Leader of Becker LLC 

New York, N.Y., February 2019 - The past year marked another active year for mergers and acquisitions in the staffing industry.  The number of transactions rose from 2017 and valuations held fairly steady across the industry.  The question is what can we expect in 2019? We surveyed a number of the leading investment bankers and private equity firms in the industry about their expectations for the upcoming year.

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