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Client and Business-Critical Contracts

Successful Staffing Companies understand that the contracting process is key for successful revenue generation.  We help our Staffing Clients adopt policies that ensure a systematic approach to negotiating, reviewing and executing contracts.  In particular, we identify the key provisions in contracts, such as the indemnification clause, the insurance provisions and the provisions establishing client responsibilities and negotiate these terms to fairly allocate risk between our client’s and their customers and vendors.  These best practices efficiently and effectively manage contractual risk and protect our Staffing Clients. 

Our team regularly drafts, reviews and revises the structure and content of SSA, Direct Placement, MSA, VMS, PEO and vendor agreements.  Further, we routinely create “user friendly” form contracts for our Staffing Clients that balance the rights of the parties without impeding revenue growth.

Risk allocation is a key component to our Staffing Clients’ success.  In addition to in depth review of relevant contractual obligations of our Staffing Clients, we regularly conduct a targeted audit of their insurance coverages to determine if there are any “gaps” in coverage that leave them exposed to foreseeable risks commonly associated with their businesses.  At the conclusion of these audits, we routinely offer an analysis as to whether the current insurance coverage adequately protects the subject Staffing Client from these risks. 


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