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Human Resources

Proper administration of Human Resources issues is essential to the success and sustainability of every Staffing Company.  Failure to understand and address these issues presents the biggest risk to the Staffing Industry as a whole and our individual clients.  We understand these issues and help our clients systematical achieve compliance.


Failure to adhere to best practices in on-boarding and off-boarding of temporary employees leaves Staffing Companies at competitive disadvantage and open to potential liability.  We help Staffing Companies assess and overhaul their on-boarding and off-boarding processes to: incorporate various best practices, limit potential liability, and improve efficiencies.  In particular, we advise our Staffing Clients about current issues impacting best practices including, background checks, wage and hour trends, class action suits, waivers, and automated I-9s.


An employee handbook is an essential tool for any successful business, especially for Staffing Companies.  A properly crafted handbook helps to better manage resources, especially staff, in order to optimize the workplace.  The compilation of policies, procedures, working conditions, and behavioral expectations guide employee actions.  We provide our Staffing Clients with properly crafted handbooks designed to protect our Staffing Clients from potential lawsuits, such as harassment, wrongful termination, and discrimination claims.



We represent Staffing Clients that are subject of compliance audits, and, historically, have successfully negotiated favorable settlements.  We have resolved issues including: failure to pay minimum wage and overtime; state and federal prevailing wage violations; record keeping disputes and failure to properly account for time; and misclassification of non-exempt employees and independent contractor status.


We assist our Staffing Clients with respect to the efficient and effective management of many of their immigration policies in order to avoid immigration-related liability.  We help our Staffing Clients maneuver through the complexities of work authorization and non-immigrant Visa services, including F1 and H1B Visas, e-verify and other immigration matters.



Social media has exploded as an invaluable tool in the Staffing Industry, but it has also left Staffing Companies unsure about how to regulate its use in the workplace.  Our Staffing Clients have many questions in this area, such as: Is asking applicants/candidates for access to their social media accounts appropriate? Who owns the information contained on social media sites? What are the necessary confidentiality considerations in social media use?  Is employee social media use a protected activity?  We offer cutting edge advice to arm our Staffing Clients with the knowledge to reap the benefits of social media, while avoiding potential liability.



The impact of legalized recreational and medical uses of Cannabis on the Staffing Industry has been substantial and will continue to grow as more states legalize marijuana. In many circumstances, recreational use can result in disqualification of a candidate.  Authorized medical use calls into play disability statutes and the issue of reasonable accommodations.  We help our Staffing Clients develop policies to address these issues.  Generally, such policies create awareness and educate both candidates and employees about the legal landscape and the applicable drug screening policies and procedures.  In particular, these policies, at a minimum, include a list of acceptable activities, screening procedures and enforcement provisions.  Finally, we encourage that these policies be communicated regularly to candidates, employees and, yes, to clients as well.


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