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Martin L. Borosko, Esq. serves as a panelist at the TechServe Alliance Annual Conference

November 15, 2023

Legal Minefields and Ticking Time Bombs: Compliance in an Age of Uncertainty

Moderator: Robert Brown, Chief Executive & Legal Officer, Carlton National Resources 


  • Martin L. Borosko, Managing Member, Becker LLC

  • Mike Hammond, Attorney, Immigration Partners

  • Bill Josey, Attorney, William S. Josey, LLC 

Litigation and Compliance and Regulations, Oh My! Operating a business in today’s litigious climate is fraught with potential liability. Statutes, case law, and regulations aren’t always clear and these muddied waters can leave owners and operators exposed. This information-packed session brings together leading industry attorneys who will provide updates on some of the key developments in employment and immigration law and offer practical advice on how to reasonably balance a firm’s need to compete with corresponding risks. Topics to include: AEDT and AI Regulation; Updates on IRS and ERTC; H-1b lottery; Compliance and Green Card challenges with a remote workforce; Lay-offs; Non-Compete updates; Independent Contractor issues; Paid Leave laws; and much more! 

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