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Updating EEO, ADA and Drug Testing Policies in the Wake of COVID-19 and Recent Marijuana Legislation

June 17, 2021: TRICOM Webinar Series featuring Becker LLC Speakers: Christopher M. Leddy, Esq. & Sarah L. Davis, Esq.

Clearly articulated, written policies are an employee’s go to resource for guidance, clarification and answers to basic employment questions. With all the changes being felt by both employees and employers as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as well as recent legislation passed in numerous states allowing the recreational use of marijuana, updating your company policies has never been more critical.

TRICOM and Becker collaborated for the June Industry Insider webinar as we discuss several recommended policy updates relating to the Equal Employment Opportunity Act and Americans with Disabilities Act in connection to the COVID-19 pandemic, and recent marijuana legislation, including reasonable accommodation requests, mandatory COVID-19 vaccine protocol and reporting requirements, and the use and legality of employer drug tests following the legalization of marijuana.

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